Losing Customers Daily? 6 Ways to Reverse It

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Top Task Analysis

  1. Brainstorm on possibly all the questions that the customer can ask
  • Combine all similar questions
  • Remove hyper specific questions
  • Reach 60–100 questions
  • Pricing questions together — will be called Pricing
  • Product features and specification will be combined — will be called Features
  • Let people perform the ranking and they can also leave it blank after they have chosen the top 5
  • Collect the data, and have the most popular 5 categories on top and the remaining categories can follow
Credit — CXL

Customer Journey Mapping — How, What, Why?

Credit — CXL




Digital Marketer, Traveler, Photographer, Dreamer.

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Rahul Ashok

Rahul Ashok

Digital Marketer, Traveler, Photographer, Dreamer.

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