Do you think User Research is Expensive? 5 Tips that cost $0

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash
  1. It has levelled the playing field. A small business can compete with industry leaders for the customer’s attention
  2. You can edit, measure, learn, unlearn, and relearn all your marketing campaigns
  3. You can get started for as low as $0
Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash
  1. Why do customers buy your product/service?
  2. Why do customers not buy your product/service?
  3. Which problem are you solving for the customers?
  4. What are the customer’s pain points?
  5. What are the current sales techniques being used?
  1. What issues are the customers facing with their product/service?
  2. What are their struggles and frustrations?
  3. What are the additional features they wish your product/service had?
  4. Ask for a database with most common customer complaints/queries
  1. What type of customers are engaging with your content?
  2. What are the audience talking about your product/service online?
  3. Which are the other accounts the customers are following online?
  4. What are they talking about the competitor’s products?
  5. What are their main pain points/concerns?
  1. Which page do customers spend their maximum time on?
  2. In the heat maps, which section gets the maximum traction?
  3. Which page has the maximum bounce rate?




Digital Marketer, Traveler, Photographer, Dreamer.

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Rahul Ashok

Rahul Ashok

Digital Marketer, Traveler, Photographer, Dreamer.

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